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Who We are?

Established in 2019 by Sam barbosa and B.N.F. Multibulls is recognized as the premier fund management company, dedicated to pioneering a superior model for trader payouts. Drawing inspiration from Jim Simons' mathematical strategy, founder SAM BARBOSA developed a customer-centric approach, leading to the launch of Multibulls. As a leader in the field, Multibulls surpasses other fund management firms in payouts. With a global community spanning tens of thousands across 150+ countries, Multibulls, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, specializes in futures market evaluation and management.

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Why Choose Us?

Employing advanced Multibulls AI algorithms for precise market predictions.
Crafting customized portfolios aligned with individual financial goals.
Implementing expert risk management strategies to safeguard client assets.
Upholding transparency and accountability through comprehensive reporting.
Demonstrating a proven track record of consistently delivering superior returns.
Building trust through complimentary live or demo account testing.
Sustaining industry leadership via continuous innovation in dynamic markets.
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Benefits We offer

Forex, wealth and asset management free live or demo account testing for 2 week before starting with us.

Minimum Trading Days

Qualify with as little as 7 trading days. A trading day counts as 6 PM one day to 5 pm the next day. Half day trading holidays count towards the next day.

Trailing Threshold

With our live trailing threshold, you never have to worry about daily drawdown. You can monitor this live in the metatrader software we provide you.

Trade Any Day, 23 Hours A Day

You can trade on holidays and during news from 6PM ET to 4:59 PM ET. Note trades must be closed and pending orders must be cancelled before 4:59 PM ET.*

Maximum Position Size

We trade for you with safe & secure position size. our system manages your position so you never worry about over trade

Trade During News

You won't fail because you traded your normal day to day system during a news announcement! News trading strategies themselves, directional, multi directional, pre news entries for windfalls of any kind are prohibited.

One Simple Step

Just select your prefered product, get a call from our expert and start your journey

Select Your Investment Plan

Explore Investment plans to elevate your trading experience. Choose the perfect fit for your journey!

Free Trial

Demo Account/ 15 days
  • Monthly ROI : ~ 1%
  • Investments : ~ $0
  • Conditions : ~ no question asked


3% / Monthly
  • Monthly ROI : ~ 1% - 3%
  • Investments : ~ $10k
  • Drawdown : ~ 20%


5% / Monthly
  • Monthly ROI : ~ 3% - 5%
  • Investments : ~ $10k - 100k
  • Drawdown : ~ 30%


Custom / Monthly
  • Monthly ROI : ~ Custom
  • Investments : ~ $10k - 100k
  • Drawdown : ~ Custom

Algorithmic trading with artificial intelligence (AI)

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What is Multibulls AI

A software robot that trades for you. Multibulls AI analyses markets and automatically trades on your account.

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Easy and automated

Multibulls AI is suitable for beginners too. Connect it to your account, and it will automatically trade for you.

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No access to your money

We are not an investment firm, and we don't ask for your money. You have your money on your own account.

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Pay only when you profit

15 day free trial on live or demo account, no question asked. You will see how it works and whether you like it. NO PAYMENTS IN ADVANCE

First 15 days for free

15 day free trial on live or demo account,
no question asked.

Trading Results

From Live account

Multibulls AI trades on our Live account too

Real-time updates

All the trades are here in real-time

See our account

Go to our account and see by yourself

See Our Account

Every profit that do vou get 2% to 10% of that amount

Dive into a rewarding partnership with our 10% Lifetime Referral Commission program! Experience the ongoing benefits as you earn a generous 2% to 10% commission every month for the entire lifetime of customers you refer. Whether they choose evaluation plans or resets, your income continues to grow. Join us in shaping a prosperous journey together – start referring and earning for a lifetime!

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connect with our Clients

We love connecting with our clients to hear about their experiences and how we can improve.

Amazing results and outstanding performance. Since they dont promote any particular broker it has made me trust them more. Most of other broker that i tried do a fund management but they dont have good result at the end i have lost money with other. BUT with multibulls its not like that. I see safe trading in my account and results are excellent. Must recommend Multibulls to other friends of mine.

Glad to have Multibulls as my manager. Amazing results to show before onboarding, verified on a public domain, unlike other fund managers who only showcase profits and hide losses, and once you fund with them, they lose your money. At least MULTIBULLS AI doesn't promote any specific broker, and you can still see the results on a public page. Their transparency and reliability set them apart from the competition.

Amazing team support by Multibulls. Since they understand the market dynamics, they offered me a one-month free trial before going forward. This was a huge headstart for me since I was testing the AI, and once I realized it's better than others, I went with full swing. It's a great way to trust any asset management firm. Other people should also follow Multibulls' strategy for a better investment experience.

I am very much happy with the service and accuracy of multibulls team. I use to make losses by self trading and other fund manager but since i have given my account with them i am much happy. Got my actual investment returned and i am still in profit. Thank you multibulls

Multibulls is a the best asset management company in UAE. I love there service and profit. Proper risk management and live support has helped me to recover trust in forex industry. Love you guys

Extraordinary results with amazing risk management. A must try AI. i will always recommend others

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