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Multibulls is the leading futures funding evaluation firm in the world.

About Multibulls: Interviews CEO B.N.F & SAM BARBOSA


B.N.F & SAM BARBOSA Receiving Top Prop Firm Award for 2023 at Fintech 2023 from Benzinga

B.N.F first founded Multibulls Investing, an educational site, over 10 years ago as a way to help traders come together and improve their trading skills. He continued this vision by launching Multibulls. B.N.F & SAM BARBOSA has traded for nearly 20 years in the Markets. He has been a speaker at International Trade Expos and an educator for exchanges. He has developed many trading tools that are available today which pioneered new ways for how traders read the markets in a consistent way. B.N.F & SAM BARBOSA has developed multiple organizations including those for fortune 500 companies and holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree. He worked his way up from the bottom as a retail trader and strived to make tools and education available for the average trader spending over 10 years developing his software which 10's of 1000's of traders have used from over 150 countries worldwide.


Who We are?

Established in 2019 by Sam barbosa and B.N.F. Multibulls is recognized as the premier fund management company, dedicated to pioneering a superior model for trader payouts. Drawing inspiration from Jim Simons' mathematical strategy, founder SAM BARBOSA developed a customer-centric approach, leading to the launch of Multibulls. As a leader in the field, Multibulls surpasses other fund management firms in payouts. With a global community spanning tens of thousands across 150+ countries, Multibulls, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, specializes in futures market evaluation and management.

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Employing advanced Multibulls AI algorithms for precise market predictions.
Crafting customized portfolios aligned with individual financial goals.
Implementing expert risk management strategies to safeguard client assets.
Upholding transparency and accountability through comprehensive reporting.
Demonstrating a proven track record of consistently delivering superior returns.
Building trust through complimentary live or demo account testing.
Sustaining industry leadership via continuous innovation in dynamic markets.
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